Here are a 10 tips and suggestions to help you create your personal meditation Space.


This is an area that when you walk into it is makes you smile. You are comfortable. You feel peace and joy. Keep in mind that this space shouldn't have a lot of outside traffic from other people. This must give your peace and solace with little to no distractions. If you can not dedicate a room for this, then try a corner or create a space using bamboo room dividers.


This space must be kept clean and uncluttered. As you create your room, you will add things that will bring peace and serenity, but do not over crowd the space. Create order. Keep it clear of clutter, and allow the energy to flow freely.


Connecting with nature, to Spirit, and your surrounding is what meditation is all about. By adding an element of nature, you space becomes infused with balance and harmony. You can place your favorite plant, a vase of flowers, a jar of shells, a small water feature or whatever else it is that you find beautiful in nature.


Music is definitely optional, but soothing music or chants will help bring tranquillity and peace to the room. Music can at times raise your frequency and vibrations that will even add more to your meditation. Now if you do not want music or can not find the right kink, you can add a small water fountain in instead. The natural sound of water will also make the room soothing and serene.


Aroma not only smells amazing, but it also helps you stay focused and fills your space with beautiful & soothing energies. Try incense, aromatic oils or candles with meditative scents in the room.


Here's a list of things that you can add to your room. You can have these things and create a beautiful peaceful space. Depending on the size of your room, you want to pay attention what can be added so that it's not cluttered. Candles - Can be used to add light, scents, and it can be very meditative to just watch the flame flicker. Incenses air purifier - help with clean air and air circulation (perfect for rooms without windows). Plants - Chose your favorite plant or check out those that detox the air in your home. Meditation music - for therapeutic sounds and energy. Water fountain - natural therapeutic sounds. Crystals - for enery, healing, and clearing. Wall Decor - Decals , Art work, Pictures for beauty and a reminder of what you love, enjoy, and peace. Cushions, Pillows, and Mats - To sit comfortably while meditating. Small Table - Place to help create the prayer alter. Singing Bowl - for calming sounds, energy, and frequency changes, increases and controls vibrations. Statues - for ambiance and reminders. Bells and chimes Beads - for prayers and chants. Rug - adds comfort and beauty to the room.

7) Fresh Air for circulation

Fresh natural air is amazing for your brain, your body, and your room. It helps clear out energy. Helps with the flow and circulation, and allows you to be re-energized. Having a good flow of fresh air is great for the room. If you do not have windows or no way to have fresh air then add an humidifier or a low noise fan.

8) Lighting for mood

Natural light is always the best light. If the light is too bright from sunlight just add some sheer curtains to soften it while meditating. You want to make sure that the light is not distracting or irritating your eyes while meditating. If your your space do not have the option of natural light, consider light fixtures than can be dimmed or use candles.

9) No Technology Allowed

This space is YOUR space so you can do what you want, but I suggest that you keep cell phones and electronics out (besides your music device). The alerts and rings are too distracting and can disturb your flow and meditation. No need to worry about checking emails or replying to texts. That's part of the reason we meditate, to relieve ourselves of those worldly pressures. You also do not want to have your phone ring while meditating... trust me, it's not fun.

10) Have Fun

So all in all, this is where you will be. Your happy space. Your area to have a moment with you. You can customize it any way you you desire, just make it you. Make it peaceful. Make it a space of joy and happiness. Make it a space of love. Hope these help you all and don't forget you can pick up some items here at Send us some pictures of your rooms.